Steve Baik
Name: Steve Baik
Height: 6'0"
Position: PG/SF
Experience: Played for Westmont College and Arcadia High.

I'm excited to be part of our new team. We have a very talented group having many strengths; post play, shooting, and experience. We'll have more fun than ever before and look forward to winning lots of game!

Drew Bryant
Name: Drew Bryant
Height: 6'1"     Weight: 190 lbs     Birthday: Apr 3, 1982
Position: SG/SF
Experience: Played for South Pasadena High.

I am happy to have the opportunity to be apart of Taiwan Center Basketball Team and a great mix of talented players. Hopefully we can become one of the top teams in so cal.

Jay Buensuceso
Name: Jay Buensuceso
Height: 5/9     Birthday: Apr 24, 1988
Position: PG
Experience: BYU, Hawaii, Citrus College, Currently playing professionally in the Philippines

Jarrod Carroll
Name: Jarrod Carroll
Height: 5'10     Weight: 170

Experience: North High School, Whittier College, and El Camino College

It's a blessing to be a part of Taiwan Center Basketball Team

Bill Chao
Name: Bill Chao
Height: 6'0"
Position: PF

"I am still trying to earn my position as a starting point guard"

Paul Chen
Name: Paul Chen
Height: 5'11"     Weight: 200 lbs     Birthday: Jan 10, 1979
Position: SG/SF
Experience: Played for Arcadia High.

Suprises teammates with new facets of my game every season. However, my ability to talk and play at the same time is incomparable.

Andrew Der
Name: Andrew Der
Height: 6'3"     Weight: 180 lbs     Birthday: Nov 2, 1988
Position: PG/SG/SF
Experience: Played for Rowland High.

"I'm happy to be given an opportunity to play on a great team, with a great group of guys. I'm ready to do whatever it takes to win and become #1."

Billy Hofman
Name: Billy Hofman
Height: 6'1"     Weight: 175 lbs     Birthday: Aug 10, 1984
Position: PG/SG
Experience: Played for Cal Poly Pomona and La Canada High.

Four years at Cal Poly Pomona advanced to regional playoffs three years, Elite 8 for a year. I like to get other people involved in the game by passing and hitting the open man. I like to pass first but am not afraid of taking the ball to the hole and shooting an open jump shot. I look forward to contributing to this team in however they need me to.

Ben Hwang
Name: Ben Hwang
Height: 6'6
Position: PF/C

Michael Lai
Name: Michael Lai
Height: 6'4"     Birthday: Mar 9, 1984
Position: PF/C
Experience: Played for East Los Angeles College.

The best part about playing basketball is being able to play with your friends and making new ones as a T.E.A.M. Together everyone achieves more, and in this case its friends winning together.

Jerry Lin
Name: Jerry Lin
Height: 6'2"     Weight: 180 lbs     Birthday: Sep 15, 1984
Position: SG
Experience: Played for Leysin American School

Returning from an injury, I am grateful for the opportunity and support I got from the team. Now I hope to contribute towards the team's future success.

Justin Lee
Name: Justin Lee
Height: 6'1"     Weight: 195 lbs     Birthday: Dec 14, 1981
Position: PF/C
Experience: Played for South Pasadena High.

Nicknamed the "Machine" in high school not for his 3 point shooting, but infamous up and under low post moves. Prides himself on the little things such as taking a charge or setting his players up for a shot.

Jimmy Miyasaka
Name: Jimmy Miyasaka
Height: 6'2"     Weight: 192 lbs     Birthday: Aug 1, 1986
Position: SG/PF/C
Experience: Played for Kaimuki High and Cal Poly Pomona.

Born and raised from Honolulu Hawaii. At Cal Poly Pomona (4 years): 2009 NCAA Division 2. National Championship Runners Up 2009 CCAA Championship, 2009 NCAA Division 2 West Regional Champions. Its truly an honor to play for this franchise. I hope to help this team be Nationally ranked # 1 in the country. I will play any position and do whatever it takes to win. I will be a great teammate and enjoy the opportunity given to me ( by GM Sean) to play for Taiwan Center Basketball team.

Matt Rosser
Name: Matt Rosser
Height: 6'4     Birthday: Jun 13, 1990
Position: SG/SF
Experience: Cal Poly Pomona

Richard Tang
Name: Richard Tang
Height: 6'2"     Weight: 200 lbs     Birthday: Jan 31, 1981
Position: SG/SF
Experience: Played for Arcadia High.

Known as the "ONE SHOT WONDER". Will camp out from beyond the arc like he lives there. Guarnatee good for 3 points per game. Anymore you will have to cross your fingers.

Daniel Tieu
Name: Daniel Tieu
Height: 6'2"     Weight: 185 lbs     Birthday: Jun 29, 1989
Position: SG
Experience: Played for Rowland High.

Although being the youngest on the team, Daniel have already been contributing to the team. Able to hit the three and play solid defense he looks forward to the upcoming seasons.

Larry Tieu
Name: Larry Tieu
Height: 6'3"     Weight: 195 lbs     Birthday: Jul 13, 1986
Position: PG/SG
Experience: Played for Concordia University, Biola University, and Rowland High.

One of the newest players on the team. Larry provides the team with a playmaker and scorer. He hopes to have an active role in contributing to the team's future success.

Hon Trieu
Name: Hon Trieu
Height: 5'9"     Weight: 178 lbs     Birthday: Jun 20, 1974
Position: PG
Experience: Played for Occidental College and Alhambra High.

"I am very thankful for the opportunity to play for Taiwan Center Basketball team. I've really enjoyed playing on the team because everyone's so great and supportive!"

Jun Uchida
Name: Jun Uchida
Height: 5/8     Birthday: Jan 23, 1988
Position: PG
Experience: West Torrance High School, Cal State East Bay

Sean Yu
Name: Sean Yu
Height: 5'11"     Weight: 180 lbs     Birthday: Sep 6, 1977
Position: SG/SF

Founder, GM, Captain, and player of Taiwan Center Basketball Team.